Kanye West and Kim Kardashian watch Miami Heat play New York Knicks in their NBA basketball game in Miami.

London - She announced that she is expecting a baby at the weekend – then saw in the New Year at a Las Vegas nightclub.

Now reality TV star Kim Kardashian has become the target of internet trolls who accused her of being unfit to be a mother.

Miss Kardashian, who is thought to be four months pregnant, posted a photo of herself and a friend enjoying a party at the 1 OAK club on social networking site Twitter.

But within hours of making the photo public, the vile abuse had started. Some were unkind about her famous curves, saying she looked “fat” and should “lose some weight”.

Other comments were more disturbing, saying she was “busted and old news” and accused her of “******g up” her unborn child.

The comments, which now run into the thousands, have sparked a backlash from fans and anti-trolling campaigners who have posted messages of support. Miss Kardashian, 32, is the latest celebrity to have been the target of internet trolls.

After singer Adele gave birth in October, trolls logged on to Twitter to make death threats towards her and her baby son. And X Factor judge Gary Barlow was taunted on Twitter when his daughter was stillborn in August.

Miss Kardashian’s boyfriend of eight months, US rapper Kanye West, revealed her pregnancy at a concert at the weekend. - Daily Mail