The KZN Travel Guide App will help tourists with tourism information. Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - Tourism KwaZulu-Natal have launched the KZN Travel Guide app that will feature information about tourism and local travel.

According to the Tourism KZN, the app was created to help visitors and tourists to navigate through the province with ease and have access to information such as restaurants, tourism products and experiences.

Some the information that can be found on the app include:

1. Romantic Getaways
2. Leisure activities
3. Safari locations
4. Travel Packages
5. Heritage tours

The KZN Travel Guide app is the only app to showcase the coastal province.

Also included in the app is information on 51 tourist offices that are spread out across the province. These tourist offices provide people with destination information and face-to-face assistance.

Tourism KZN believe that the app will beneficial to tourism because it gives travellers information at their fingertips.

They added that the app will allow people outside the borders of the province and the country to get information about the destination and what it offers.

An added benefit is that potential tourists will have the confidence to book their holiday as they will have enough information to make that decision.

According to the Tourism KZN website, these are some of the features of the app:


The app is equipped with a 7-day weather forecast so people can find up to date information on the forthcoming weather including scheduled rainfall and daily minimum and maximum temperatures.

QR scanner

Using the QR scanner location-specific information can be accessed. People can also find contact details and make bookings using the QR scanner.


Users can get up to date information on upcoming events that are happening in the province from art exhibitions to music and dance events.