Image: The image published by Samsung shows the Note 9 phablet placed face-down on a surface, with the updated yellow S Pen stylus on its back. (Daily Mail)

CAPE TOWN - A video leaked on Samsung New Zealand's Youtube page is currently going viral as it is an intro for the Galaxy Note 9.

In what is seen as an accidental release, the video shows features that will be included in the new upcoming device. 

The video has since been removed, however, fans were able to take screenshots of the official promotional image, which carries the tagline 'say hello to super-power'.

In the video, it shows that the new Note 9 will feature a golden/yellow S Pen, which will accompany the blue version of the phone.

The video starts by showing the stylus’ ability to write on the display even when the phone is locked. 

The video also tells us that a 512GB Galaxy Note 9 exists, but what’s interesting is that the phone also supports up to 512GB microSD cards.

This means that users could have up to 1 terabyte of total storage on the device.

The next feature the video shows is an “all-day battery” and 3.5mm headphone jack.

The official launch date of the device is only 3 days away, so it won’t be long until everything is revealed.

This leaked short video was uploaded to AndroidAre‘s YouTube channel after Samsung New Zeland leaked it.