FIFA 2012

London - After creating brilliant gaming spin-offs of Harry Potter, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, Lego turn their attention to Batman.

The Dark Knight gets light-hearted in this adventure, taking on old foes - including The Joker and Lex Luther - with a little help from his super-powered pals.

Players control Batman, Robin, Superman and plenty more, using special skills to overcome obstacles. The puzzle-solving usually involves bashing down bricks and building them up again. Lego hasn't messed with the formula.

Outside the main quests you can glide around an open-world Gotham City - playing carnival games in a fun fair or racing the Batmobile. Holy gaming hysterics, Batman!


GET your kicks with this Euro 2012 tie-in, which lets you relive the championship as though the misery of defeat never happened.

While the Euros are wrapping up in real life, the beautiful game goes on in this expansion pack for EA's superb FIFA 2012.

Players need that game to play. At a cost of £15.99 (about R200), is this virtual trip to Poland and Ukraine little more than an expensive pair of shorts?

The game includes real-life events from the Euro's qualifying campaign, letting players relive dramatic moments on a virtual pitch. Expedition mode challenges you to build and manage teams, although this is more about strategy than footwork. For many footie fans this will be too much of an ugly reminder of Euro failure.


YOU can knock down Resident Evil, but it keeps coming back for more.

The series has churned out movies, comic books and toys. Arguably, the games lost their way after the highpoint of Resident Evil 4.

The last game, set in Africa, was about as scary as a baby penguin.

Resident Evil 6, however, promises a game for all seasons, letting players choose between three connected storylines, each with a different theme.

The first goes back to Resident Evil's roots: a gothic survival-horror in which you creep through a zombie-infested city.

Bullets fly in the second storyline, an action-packed adventure similar to Resident Evil 5. The third instalment is a mixture of the two.

Resident Evil 6 is out on consoles in October. - The Independent