Andile Masuku

Despite the undeniable potential of IoT (Internet of Things) technology to help address the glaring inefficiencies that exist in key economic sectors ​on the continent-- such as agriculture and healthcare, it's difficult to shake the cynical view that big business stands to gain far more than any individual African citizen ever will by embracing the trend. 

Moreover, there's no doubt that the average African citizen is inadequately enlightened to all the possible associated risks they might be exposed to should regulators permit IoT tech to become ubiquitous.

Aside from the potential for the abuse of personal data by lurking criminal elements, it is plausible that allowing big business to freely harvest ever increasing amounts of deep data on everything in and around our personal lives could widen the economic and power gaps that currently exist between, say, a subsistence farmer in rural Kenya and a corporate powerhouse like Seed Company.

In this podcast, Jacques de Vos, MD at Vodacom's IoT subsidiary, Mezzanine Ware, argues that the adoption of IoT is predicated on value. Listen in to hear why he believes that the mobile-led IoT services, such as those his company is looking to enable, will deliver a win-win situation for both the big-name corporate clients they serve, as well as the man on the street, or indeed, the woman in the field. 

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You'll need to decide for yourself whether the trend towards what is often more appropriately dubbed "the Internet of Everything", should be approached with open optimism, or perhaps at best, cautious pragmatism.

Andile Masuku is a broadcaster and entrepreneur based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is the Executive Producer at Follow him on Twitter @MasukuAndile and The African Tech Round-up @africanroundup.