Live Connected is an app created to help track your child's activities. Photo: Screenshot
DURBAN - Johannesburg entrepreneur Nthati Mthembu has created an app that will allow parents to keep track of their children's daily activities.

Mthembu who is also a Programme Manager with First National Bank used the African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child to inspire her app".

She said, "The app provides a hassle-planning tool that incorporates the safety and communications needs of those juggling parenthood and careers".

The app was developed by Appchemy which is a mLab affiliated company.

Here are the steps to follow in order to use the app:

1. Create a profile

2. Build your family (kids, co-parents, granny), they can view your full schedule.

3. Build your "village", all the people that are a part of your support network for your child's daily needs which can include people like au-pairs or drivers. Your villagers will get allocated specific pick ups and drop offs as required.

4. Then villagers and family members will receive invitations to join your family and or village.

5. Create a schedule of your families daily, recurring or ad-hoc activities. Then an invite in your diary, eg google mail, will be created for you and the villager.

6. You then allocate drop off and pick times to the specific members of your family or village.

7. On allocation of a pick-up time, a calendar event will be sent via email as an event in your diary.

8. During the specific pick-up or drop-off event, the parent can track the au-pair to their exact location using the simple track function.

Extra features of the app include the villager being able to plan their route using Google Maps and messaging/notifications abilities between the mom and the villager.

Milestones that parents may miss such as the first day of school can also be captured using the app as well as birthday reminders for both the villagers and family.

Since being launched in February 2018 there have been about 500 Android users of the app and about 200 iOS users.