JOHANNESBURG – “We’ve created a handset with exceptional build quality, offering the latest technology, and the kind of features only ever before seen on handsets that cost four times as much, at a price that’s finally putting the power of technology in the hands of ordinary South Africans,” said Ridhwan Khan the Chief Executive Officer of Mobicel.

Mobicel was launching a R9 Mobicel on Thursday in Braamfontein; Johannesburg Khan said the R9 was a game changer for the company, and South African society.

“We’ve used our experience, our understanding of the customer base and our economies of scale to offer them an opportunity to migrate from whatever device they’re using to our premium smartphone. Technology holds the power to change people’s lives, and the R9 Series will finally make that technology available to the vast majority of our people, that is increasingly seeing access

“Young South Africans are finding their voices on social media platforms, and that voice is being amplified so it can be heard across the country. They’re also creating content, finding jobs, and engaging with the rest of world on a level never seen before and they are using their phones to do it. 

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“They’re less interested in being slaves to international brands, and more interested in brands that deliver on their promise. Frankly, the “woke” generation has woken up to the fact that are being ripped off by global brands and are claiming the South African’ess in a way we haven’t seen in the last two decades,” said Khan.

The R9 Plus features a 5.7 inch touch display, a 20 + 8 Megapixel Super Selfie dual lens camera that offers a range topping 120 degree Wide Angle view, and Super Low Light capability. Mobicel has worked with product designers and manufacturers in the creation of this device, as reflected in both its sleek design and cutting-edge features.

The R9 Series will be available in more than four thousand stores in November.