According to Stats SA, women are much more unemployed compared to their counterparts, men. Photo: Pixabay

DURBAN - According to Stats SA, women are much more unemployed compared to their counterparts, men. 

In the first quarter of 2019, Stats SA said, there are 29.3 percent unemployed women compared to 26.1 percent unemployed men in the country.

Human Resources expert, Madelein Smit from HR Company Solutions attributes this unfair difference to the fact that most companies are sceptical of hiring females and mostly mothers and the fact that most industries in the country are discriminating against women. Lastly, she says most companies have a perception that women don’t have the capacity to make decisions in senior positions.

In a bid to curb the unemployment rate in the country and to make sure that there are equal opportunities for women, HR Company Solutions in August 2019 will host and assist women in finding jobs through a job workshop. The workshop will be focused on female job-seekers across Gauteng. 

This session also aims to further provide the candidates basic leadership skills, knowledge and behaviour to perform in their position to on par with the male counter parts.

Smit said, "We are experts in the recruitment field, we know why most job-seekers are not able to find a job. This workshop is there to ensure they are well equipped in their quest of finding a job because, in all honesty, there are a lot of job opportunities in the market. There is a shortage of candidates that understand the basics of what employers want". 

This free of charge workshop is not just about teaching and giving skills to job-seekers, there will be employers and potential employees under the same room. There will be job interviews and hiring successful candidates on the spot.

The workshop will have various sessions which will include:

1. How to write a CV and a cover letter 

2. How to search for a job

3. How to make follow-ups when job searching

4. How to dress up for your job interview (there will be a professional stylist dressing women) 

5. What to do before going for your interview

6. What must you do after a job interview?

7. Offer jobs during the event and lastly

8. Basic leadership skills as you acquire the vacant position

The event will be held on the 9th of August 2019, 9am till 4pm in Benoni Lake Club. The value of being at this workshop is as a beneficiary is worth R3500 but all beneficiaries are not paying anything and the costs are all carried by HR Company Solutions.

"In 1956, women of all races and age united by matching to the Union Buildings against their common struggle. In 2019, women of all races and age will unite to fight the common struggle, and that is unemployment, which seems to be targeting women the most," concluded Smit.

Madelein Smit is the Managing Director of HR Company Solutions