An attendee passing by the LG Electronics booth during the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Photo: Reuters

CAPE TOWN – LG has taken to social media platforms to show-off a teaser video that announces the launch of a new gesture-controlled device with the tagline “goodbye touch.” 

In the video, A hand is seen waving messages in and out of existence, and its description suggests that the company is planning to launch a device called the LG Premiere.

Other reports suggest that LG is talking about a smartphone because at last year's at MWC, the company announced the LG V30S ThinQ, an updated version of the previous year’s V30.

The V30S ThinQ featured artificial intelligence (AI) features that “actively analyses the world around itself to understand sight and sound just like a human, according to LG. 

This helps users take better pictures, with the AI algorithm enhancing images by scanning the environment through its dual-camera set-up. 

Further details about the device will be mentioned on the 24th of February as suggested by the video.