MWeb has agreed to provide an uncapped data bundle for a trial period while Internet Solutions will offer a free daily 50MB data bundle.

Cape Town - In another move to make the internet more affordable in South Africa, MWEB announced that they are significantly increasing the data for their Capped ADSL customers at no extra charge, while some Uncapped ADSL and Small Business Uncapped ADSL customers will enjoy a reduction in their monthly subscription fee.

Most of the ISP’s high end Capped customers will have their data cap increased by up to double the amount.

A Night Time Data promotion is also being offered, where customers will receive additional data to be used between 12am and 6am. For example, customers on a 30 GB package will be increased to 50 GB and they will receive an additional 50 GB of Night Time Data, for their original price of R239 per month.

“Our Capped ADSL customers will benefit hugely from the new data cap changes we are introducing. Not only will their daytime data caps be increased at no extra cost, they will also be given the same amount of extra data to be used at night.

“These changes are part of our plan to connect more people to the wonderful world of the Internet, and to give our existing customers a better Internet experience,” says MWEB Connect GM Carolyn Holgate.

MWEB is also bringing more value to its Uncapped and Small Business Uncapped customers by decreasing prices and introducing new products.

The 10 Mbps Uncapped price has been reduced by R60 with the aim of making high speed ADSL packages more affordable and accessible. Similarly all the Small Business Uncapped Lite products have also received a price discount and a new 6 Mbps Small Business Uncapped ADSL product has been introduced for R695 per month.

This product allows users to maximise the potential of a 10 Mbps line with an affordable data package.

MWEB customers who are eligible for the upgrades or price changes will be automatically switched to their new product by September 1, 2014.