According to the Digital LIving Measures, Netflix closely follows DStv as the popular choice for "high tech" consumers. Photo: File
DURBAN - MBIT has released their Digital Lifestyle Measure report and it shows that Netflix is close to becoming the more popular choice among high tech consumers in South Africa, beating DStv. 

So what is a high tech consumer?

A high tech consumer is someone that is a DLM 5 consumer,  while a low tech consumer is  DLM 1 consumer. 

DLM segmentation was started by BMIT in 2008 to categorise consumers based on the range of their digital life. 

Consumers answer questions about their personal digital activities and the technologies that are in their home. 

Then each consumer is given a score which will then reveal which DLM segment that he or she falls into. 

Netflix and DStv

According to the DLM report, 44% of low tech or DLM 1 consumers have DStv in their homes while 63% of the DLM 5 or high tech consumers prefer DStv. 

The DLM report also looked at which DStv package is popular with each DLM segment. The Premium and Compact were the most popular packages across the board. 

For the DLM 5 consumer, the Premium package was the most popular followed by Compact and then Compact Plus. 

With the DLM 1 consumer, Compact was the most popular package and then Premium and lastly Compact Plus. 

When comparing the usage of Netflix and DSTV with DLM 5 or high tech consumers, Netflix is just 1 percent behind DStv with 62 percent. 

However, Netflix is not popular with a low tech consumer at all. Only 1% of DLM 1 consumers use Netflix. 

Distribution of DLM in South Africa

The distribution of DLM in South Africa shows that only 11% of people fall under the DLM 5 or high tech consumer category while the biggest percentage, 27%, fall into the DLM 1 or low tech consumers. 

According to the report, 55% of the South African population has access to the internet and the 45% that don't have access to the internet fall under the DLM 0 category. 

Mobile Devices

Th report also looked at mobile device vendor is popular with each DLM category. In the DLM 5 category, Apple is the most popular device while Huawei is the most popular for DLM 4. Samsung is the most popular for people in the DLM 1, DLM 2 and DLM category. 

Mobile Device
Samsung 48% 48% 30% 31% 31%
Huawei 13% 19% 26% 40% 29%
Apple 6% 5% 14% 14% 32%
Hisense 14% 14% 7% 0% 4%
Mobicel 10% 2% 2% 3% 2%
LG 1% 0% 6% 4% 1%
Sony 1% 6% 3% 1% 1%
Nokia 3% 1% 0% 3% 0%
Other 4% 5% 13% 4% 2%

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