Netflix South Africa is offering users of the streaming service a new package according to MyBroadband. Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake.
DURBAN - Netflix South Africa is offering users of the streaming service a new package according to MyBroadband. 

The Ultra package is above the Premium package and has replaced the Premium package as the top package available to users. 

According to the Netflix page, the Ultra package costs R239. 

The below table shows the costs of the different Netflix packages:

Netflix package Price
Basic R99
Standard R139
Premium R169
Ultra R239

The only difference between the Premium and the Ultra packages is that Ultra offers a new feature called Highest Quality Audio. 

According to MyBroadband, the Ultra package has been added as a part of a test of various price points to better understand how consumers value the streaming service. 

The new highest quality audio feature will offer a slightly higher bitrate to supported devices which will produce a more engaging sound if network conditions permit. 

Mobile only

Netflix is testing a lower-priced mobile-only subscription according to TechCrunch. The mobile-only subscription is aimed at increasing their appeal in Asia. 

In an interview with Bloomberg, Chief Executive of the company told Bloomberg that Netflix would test lower-priced packages. 

The new service is available in Malaysia with a price tag of $4 (R57.12). According to a spokesperson for the company, the new service is being trialled in Malaysia and a few other countries. 

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