File image: The fear of a breakup may be good for a couple. Pexels
JOHANNESBURG - In light of the current climate and global discussion around sexual assault and misconduct being, a Dutch tech company has capitalised on the movement by launching a new app which allows for virtual sexual contracts.
The company, called LegalThings is its final stages of developing a new app called LegalFlings. The app would basically allow for potential partners to virtually sign a legally binding contract which would give consent for sexual activity prior to the act.

According to it's website, LegalFlings matches one's sexual preferences with that of a prospective partner, "making the do's and dont's clear to both." Essentially, the app verifies mutual consent.

Consenting participants would fill out a legally binding contract, or "Live Contract" and breaking any of the aforementioned rules would be breach of contract.

The app also claims to protect "spicy video's and photo's that it's users would not want to go viral. "With LegalFling, any leaking of footage is a breach of contract and easy to take to court," the website claims.

And if breach in contract does in fact occur, the app claims that users can simply click a button which would trigger cease and desist letters and enforce penalty payments, making it easier to take a case to court.