290309 MXit – can you ‘bare’ it? You may have heard about tales of decadent juveniles and a little something called MXit – but is it as bad as people make out? asks Masood Boomgaard

Cape Town - Rethink Education has launched a Mxit application that will provide high-school pupils doing mathematics and physical science access to the curriculum in Afrikaans.

Rethink Education is a Cape Town-based technology company.

The content was initially developed in English.

“We decided to start offering our content in Afrikaans as part of our strategy to offer high-quality education resources to all South African students,” said the company’s founder, Douglas Hoernle.

The content was developed based on the South African Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements.

“An average high school pupil is far more engaged when using social chat-styled community platforms. The application uses this style preference by delivering ‘bite-sized bits’ of content, presented through a conversational interface,” said Hoernle. – Cape Times