Researchers James Roberts and Meredith David identified eight types of phone snubbing behaviour that have become common in todays world.

London - Only one in six of us now send postcards to family and friends while on holiday, according to research.

It suggests the tradition could soon be a thing of the past as more of us choose to stay in touch via mobile phones and the internet.

Only 16 percent of 2,000 surveyed still write postcards, while 55 percent said they had received one in the past year.

As many as 45 percent say they have never sent a postcard, and more than half of those under 24 admitted they had never considered doing so.

The research, by mobile phone provider O2, found texting is the most popular way of sharing holidays news with family and friends, with 60 percent saying they prefer using SMS.

This was followed by phoning (39 percent), Facebook (34 percent) and emailing (29 percent). - Daily Mail