The company's logo in the lobby of New York's flagship Apple store.

Munich - The German news magazine Focus announced on Sunday that it has altered the digital version of its current issue, screening the bared breasts of the female front cover model to avoid a possible run-in with Apple.

The action followed pressure from digital distributor Zinio, an iPad app, to adhere to Apple's legal requirements regarding nudity. Apple had not actually made any complaints.

“Zinio threatened to withhold the issue from the Internet. We could not do that to our subscribers,” a Focus spokesman said Sunday.

He said that censorship stemming from prudery did not comport with the magazine's concept of freedom of the press.

The cover story offered 22 tips on skin care, and the topless model displayed more skin than Zinio was comfortable with.

Despite the altered cover, Focus readers can find an uncensored photograph of the model on page three. - Sapa-dpa