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CAPE TOWN - Instagram users can now reportedly download the data that Instagram has on them such as cringing DM's that may make them blush with embarrassment, using the Data Download tool, reports The Verge. 

This comes after a spokesperson for the photo-sharing platform earlier this month announced Instagram’s steps to protect users privacy. 

Instagram’s recent tool comes amid the privacy scandal that has plagued social networking site, Facebook over the last few months. 

“We are building a new data portability tool,” an Instagram spokesperson said via email in early April. The tool will allow users to download data including their photos, videos and messages, he added.

The new tool which can be downloaded through Instagram’s privacy settings reportedly takes several hours to download data. 

The download tool, which can be accessed via the web still has to roll out access via iOS and Android. lt will also reportedly help Instagram comply with upcoming European privacy laws that require data portability. 

In other Instagram news, the photo-sharing app in January released a feature which shows your friends and followers when you were last checking the app.

From the direct messages screen, people you follow or have previously chatted with can now see when you were last using Instagram. The feature, called the "Show Activity Status" is enabled by default inside of Instagram’s settings, you can also turn it off.

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