It takes the average woman 15 to 20 minutes to achieve orgasm. Many women never or rarely achieve this pinnacle of sexual pleasure while others take much longer - often too long for their partners.

Men, on average, take three to five minutes to orgasm and it's the rare man who persists for long after his own pleasure. The result? A lot of dissatisfied women. And by a lot we mean a significant number. In fact recent research suggests that as much as 45 percent of the female population fall into this category.

The solutions are many: They include improving of sexual technique, testing of hormonal levels (low testosterone levels can, for instance, especially in post menopausal women, cause sexual problems) and sex enhancing aids.

At Last For Women is one. It's a natural, safe, non-irritating home-grown gel that has been formulated to help women who have difficulty in achieving orgasm.

The gel contains L-arginine and L-histadine, both natural amino acids that cause the dilation of blood vessels and help trigger orgasm, as well as plant derivatives Dioscorea and Tribulus, which have been used traditionally to enhance the sexual experience.

The gel works by increasing blood flow to the clitoris, which equals increased sensation and an easier and quicker climax. The gel was formulated by Dr Lorraine Becker a family practitioner in Rosebank, Johannesburg and Dr Glen Ferguson, a homeopath and owner of a homeopathic products manufacturing company.

Dr Becker said, in an accompanying press release, that she sees many women in her practise who complain they find sex unsatisfying, and it was to help them that she and Dr Ferguson devoted two years to researching other products, coming up with a formula of their own and testing it on willing volunteers.

The result is At Last For Women which has, according to their own research, brought pleasure to 85 percent of those who have used it by increasing the quality and quantity of orgasms.

According to testimonies on their website it has been used successfully by women of all ages including an 86-year-old - which is a lesson to us all. Quite what lesson, I'm not sure but I'm confident you will think of one. More seriously, does At Last For Women work?

To test its efficacy, I asked the local distributor to give me several tubes - each of which sells for R149 - which I then distributed to a few willing volunteers of my own.

You would think that being given carte blanche to have sex for a good cause would have had them all fornicating with enthusiasm. Not a bit. Nobody seems to be having sex any more - not singles anyway - which was the main group I targeted.

Weeks went by. I nagged and nagged but to no, um, effect. So I've ended up with only two report backs by the more conscientious - and older of the guinea pigs. The first was a woman who was post menopausal and who had been having trouble achieving orgasm as a result of that. Sadly, she reported no success.

The other woman was someone who considered herself pretty orgasmic - in other words she had no difficulty in that regard. She was highly enthusiastic. "The gel prolonged and intensified orgasm. I definitely intend to keep using it".

I'm not sure if any of this is helpful, but on balance I would say the product has merit. And, since it is derived from natural ingredients, there is much less chance of an allergic reaction.

I once tried a cheap, scented (or was it flavoured?) lubricating gel from one of those sex stores and paid the price! So the fact that it's non-irritating, is a plus.

  • More information from At Last is available from pharmacies.