Eurostar ePad Femme


London - It’s a sexist truism that while men take to new technology intuitively, women struggle with anything beyond online shopping for shoes.

So a media and technology company has come up with the world’s first tablet computer “made exclusively for women”. If Kindles and iPads are too much for your feeble feminine brain, you need the £127 (about R1 600) Eurostar ePad Femme. With a pink background (naturally), it’s pre-loaded with apps related to shopping, cooking, exercise and perfume. The company behind it says it is useful rather than sexist.

“It makes a perfect gadget for a woman who might find difficulties in terms of downloading applications,” says Eurostar associate Mani Nair.

However, the target audience has taken to Twitter in outrage. One woman called it “pointless and patronising”; another asked: “Does it come with a rolling pin app, too?” - Daily Mail