Picture: Reuters

CAPE TOWN - Uber has decided to increase its minimum fare charge across the country. 

Uber said on Tuesday that the minimum fare for UberX rides will increase from R20 to R25.

The new charges took place from the 31st of July.

However, there is some good news for some Uber users. Uber said that the minimum fare of R20 will still apply to all trips starting in Soweto in Johannesburg.

The company said that people in Port Elizabeth who use uberGO will now pay a minimum fare of R20, up from the previous R17.

Uber said: “Even with this small increase, Uber remains one of the most affordable and efficient ways to get around your city. You will still enjoy the reliable service you have come to expect from us.”

“As more drivers look to Uber as an earning opportunity, this small increase will still make it possible for riders to access affordable transport whilst providing profitable earnings for driver-partners.”


In mid-June, a group of taxi drivers in Johannesburg that use Uber went on strike over the petrol price increase last month.

Some Uber drivers were accused of pulling over fellow drivers in Johannesburg, in order to protest. 

Divers from Uber were protesting the fact that fares have remained the same even though there has been a VAT increase and a massive petrol price hike.

Drivers were also protesting against the 25% service fee charged by Uber per ride.

Uber has now said that they were looking to trial a tiered service fee for drivers.

This will mean that the company will decrease the Uber service fee based on a number of criteria, that includes the number of trips completed by a driver and how high the driver's rating is.


The petrol price increased again at midnight on Tuesday. 

The fuel price for petrol, both 95 and 93, in Gauteng increased by one cent a litre today, while diesel decreased by four cents a litre, the energy department said.

The department further said the wholesale price of illuminating paraffin increased by four cents a litre while the single maximum national retail price of illuminating paraffin saw a five cent a litre increase, and the maximum retail price of LP Gas increased by 17 cents per kilogram.