The ceramic figurines, available in busts between 4cm and 10cm or full figurines between 12cm and 20cm, are made by scanning 16 photographs a second in a process that takes three to five minutes.

London - Modern technology could soon replace the traditional family portrait – with 3D models made on a printer.

The 8in ‘mini-me’ figures, which cost £60 (about R1 000), are created using detailed scans of your face and body.

Scanning booths, being opened in Asda stores, take just 12 seconds to snap thousands of photos and build them into a 3D image. This is sent via the web to a facility where a £40 000 3D printer uses it as a template to build an identical model using ceramic powder and coloured dye.

The first booth opened in Manchester on Monday, and Asda plans to introduce them at ten more stores. - Daily Mail