Buy-to-let properties almost always give satisfactory capital growth in the long term because housing, being a primary human need, is always in demand and there are usually stock shortages.

The rate at which technology is developing is astounding, with new applications and software being created daily to improve the functions we perform.

Cyber-savvy homeowners and potential buyers can take advantage of the technological advances of our era to save them time and money, says Adrian Goslett, CEO of RE/MAX Southern Africa.

“The internet has become the first port of call for most buyers, whether looking for property or other items they wish to purchase.

“The modern age of technology and the internet have enabled users to compare many different products in a much shorter period.

“Internet property search portals, for example, give buyers the opportunity to search and filter through thousands of properties with greater convenience in a matter of minutes. It enables the buyer to access details and information of each home as well as the agent or real estate company marketing that home.

“Comparing various properties online will allow consumers to identify whether they are getting a good deal and if the property is selling for a market-related price. Online reviews and testimonials will also help users get a good deal by comparing products or services that have been used by other consumers.”

Goslett notes that devices used to access the internet have become smaller and more versatile with time. Most browsers use smartphones or tablets to access the information they require.

These devices are being employed for every conceivable service and allow users to perform a variety of functions while mobile.

Mobile users are always looking for new ways technology can help them access information quickly and make more informed decisions.

While most devices are designed to save time rather than money, more recent developments have focused on assisting consumers with their financial savings as well. The library of downloadable free or affordable applications for the iPhone and other smart phones has grown remarkably over the past few years.

RE/MAX has developed applications potential property buyers can use to search for property in the most convenient and time-effective way. In June last year, MyRE/MAX was launched. It’s an innovative system that alerts buyers on their phones as soon as a new listing that matches their criteria is posted on the RE/MAX website.

More recently on the international front, RE/MAX also introduced a worldwide website called This property listing site gives potential buyers from across the globe the opportunity to search for properties worldwide while in the comfort of their homes.

RE/MAX Southern Africa has tapped into this offering that has enjoyed considerable success around the world. It now has 30 000 properties listed on the global site. Buyers from different countries will be able to browse through listings of thousands of properties in their language of choice and local currency.

“Research revealed nearly all homebuyers who used a mobile device in their search for homes considered it a valuable tool.

“This is why RE/MAX continues to look for new ways to introduce innovations designed to make the mobile market a much easier sphere to navigate.” - Saturday Star