File image: Apple's personal assistant, Siri. (Independent UK).

CAPE TOWN - Apple reportedly said it will fix a bug that causes its personal assistant, Siri, to read out notifications to anyone, reports Mac Rumours cs. 

The electronics giant reportedly released a statement to Mac Rumours, acknowledging that Siri is faulty and they will confront the issue in an upcoming software update. The bug reportedly affects iOS 11.3 beta and iOS 11.2.6 devices. 

Siri is able to read out notifications to anyone from a range of apps including Facebook Messenger and Apple’s Mail app. These include hidden notifications. 

This breach of privacy allows users private information to be disclosed with anyone who prompts Siri to read out notifications. 


Meanwhile, Siri is known for performing useful tricks that many people may be unaware of, reports Business Report. 

Here are 5 uses of Siri that you may not know it can do:

1. Mathematical Equations

Siri can perform mathematics calculations. 

2.  Decision Making 

You can ask Siri to assist you in decision making. Siri can roll a dice or flip a coin when prompted to do so. 

3.  Identifying Music 

Siri can identify songs for you. 

4. Facebook and Twitter

Siri can post Facebook posts and tweets. You simply dictate your post to Siri and send it once Siri confirms your message. 

5. Find Airplanes Above You

You can check the status of a flight by asking Siri and including the flight number. Another fun thing Siri can do is give information on planes above you right now.