Innovo Networks recently won the Samsung Global Start-up Acceleration Program Award. Photo: Facebook
DURBAN – Innovo Networks recently won the Samsung Global Start-up Acceleration Program Award. 

This programme recognises local start-ups which best support entrepreneurs in building and growing business for a sustainable impact on society.

As part of Samsung’s employee volunteer programme, the 2018 GSAP competition was held in four different countries including Indonesia, India, Malaysia and South Africa.

The competition took place between August and September this year and focused on 80 selected start-ups over a variety of fields. 

The chief executive of  Innovo Networks  Damian Michael said, “We were exposed to over 30 Samsung mentors who travelled to South Africa to ascertain the quality of solutions and technologies presented by local companies chosen within the programme". 

He added that i t feels really great to have won the Samsung GSAP 2018 awards as winning awards do matter. 

"We believe that this award will offer our company global recognition," said Michael.

The voice and cloud provider company will now travel to Samsung Korea for an opportunity to meet with Samsung specialists. 

Michael spoke about what he hopes to get out of his trip to Samsung Korea. He said, "We hope to have a look at Samsung’s leading and cutting-edge technology,  and see how they utilise tech in various segments of their markets".

He added that they want to gain as much insights into their systems, process and technologies, and use this knowledge to take Innovo Networks forward with the best of breeds products. 

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