Netflix has included South Africa in a new test to help subscribers doge Apple fees. Photo: Bloomberg

CAPE TOWN - Netflix is working on how to bypass iTunes for its subscription payments in 33 countries, TechCrunch reported on Wednesday.

Netflix said that new subscribers in selected markets will be unable to pay for new subscriptions through iTunes until September 30. 

In the report, it stated that the test was first spotted by NDTV in India last week, with users also flagging changes on Twitter. 

Journalist Manish Singh said Netflix was running a two-month experiment. The tweet has since been deleted.

The test has been active since June across 10 countries and has now expanded to cover 33 markets including South Africa.

Instead of allowing users to sign up through iTunes, Netflix now directs subscribers to its mobile web interface.

By directly billing customers and not allowing them to subscribe through iTunes or the Google Play store, Netflix skips giving Google and Apple a cut of the earnings from those subscriptions.

Apple currently takes a 30 percent cut in the first year of Netflix subscriptions, and 15 percent after this period, if customers sign up through iTunes.