South Africa is ranked in the top 100 for broadband speed according to Speed League report. Source: IOL
DURBAN - South Africa is ranked in the top 100 countries in the world for broadband speed according to the Speed League report from

The report uses data from Measurement Lab (M-Lab), the biggest worldwide provider of open Internet data. M-Lab is the product of a collaboration between New America's Open Technology Institute, Google Open Sources, PlanetLab from Princeton University and other supporting partners. 

The data was calculated over the June 2017 and May 2018 period and was compared to the same period for the previous year to establish the year-over-year change in broadband speeds. 

More than 200 countries were included on the list with important measurements including the average download speeds and unique IP addresses. 

South Africa's broadband speed

Although South Africa is ranked in the top 100 countries for broadband speed in the world, it still falls short of the global average download speed of 9,10Mbps. 

In comparison to other African countries, only Madagascar and Kenya are ahead of South Africa are ahead on the list. 

There was a 2% increase in the average download speed compared to 2017 and also moved up two places on the rankings. 

South Africa ranked 76 on the list and in 2017 they were ranked at 80. 

Below is a table that shows South Africa's ranking on the list as well as the 5 countries that are ahead and behind on South Africa the rankings:

Rank Country Average download
Unique IPs Change YoY
71 Bosnia and
7,37Mbps 22,413 +0,37%
72 Panama 7.05Mbps 3,111 +4,75%
73 Puerto Rico 6,88Mbps 5,462 +0,44%
74 Montenegro 6.74Mbps
6,946 +0,89%
75 Vietnam 6.72Mbps
22,055 +1,26%
76 South Africa 6.38Mbps 643,816
77 Georgia 6.25Mbps 3,396 +0,39%
78 Uruguay
5,452 +4,88%
79 St Kitts and Nevis 6.12Mbps 144 +4,40%
80 Curaçao 5.99Mbps 700 +4,00%
81 Sri Lanka 5,84Mbps 6,983 +2,01%

The top 10

The top on the list included countries like Singapore and Sweden who kept their rankings at the top of the list. 

Luxemborg had a huge increase of 19,62% in average download speed and moved up 25 places to number 8. 

The United were ranked at 20 and were behind European and Asian countries like Hungary, Japan and Spain. 

Below is a table of the top 10 countries on the list:

Rank Country Average download
Unique IPs Change
1 Singapore 60.39Mbps 128,458 +5,26%
2 Sweden 46.00Mbps 79,884 +5,84%
3 Denmark 43.99Mbps 19,650 +10,45%
4 Norway 40.12Mbps
12,282 +10,99%
5 Romania 38.60Mbps 58,274 +17,24%
6 Belgium
36.71Mbps 56,527 +9,34%
7 Netherlands 35.95Mbps 295,412 +2,43%
8 Luxembourg 35.14Mbps 3,667 +19,62%
9 Hungary 34.01Mbps
129,898 +10,85%
10 Jersey
30.90Mbps 1,107 +7,60%

Fastest network in South Africa

According to My Broadband's Mobile Quality Report, MTN is the fastest mobile network. MTN has an average download speed of 22,22 Mbps and an average upload speed of 10,07Mbps. 

The data was collected for through the publisher's Android Speed Test aop. The app tested 113 000 tests of 8250 users during the measured period. 

Second, after MTN was Vodacom. The network had an average download speed of 21,63Mbps and an average upload speed of 8,3Mbps. 

Telkom was in third place followed by Cell C. Telkom had a 15,35Mbps on downloads and 4,44Mbps on uploads. 

While Cell C had an average download speed of 14,05Mbps and an average upload speed of 6,25Mbps.

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Data sourced from Cable