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CAPE TOWN - Hours after FlySafair put up their R4 flight deal sale offering 30 000 customers the chance to to book flights, irate users have to taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the promotion, labelling it a "marketing scam".

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The R4 tickets included all airport taxes and VAT, but excluded any additional services such as checked luggage, priority boarding and seat pre-selection, according to the company's website.

The tickets were available from 9am on Thursday but were sold out around 12pm. Business Report participated in the flight deal but unfortunately we were left in the waiting room.

The Waiting Room‘ facility, was designed to protect the website against the heavy traffic demand. which they achieved as the site did not crash.

In previous years, FlySafair had similar sales in 2015 and 2016 but they costed R1 and R2 respectively and their site would crash due to the heavy traffic they had received.

Trending on Twitter with the #Flysafair, users are calling the airline out accusing them of false advertising. Some are calling the deal a marketing scam and have said that they want proof that 30 000 people were given tickets.

Here are what South African's had to say on Twitter:

Someone please sell me 4 return tickets to Durban #flysafair

@FlySafair are there still tickets left

None! Plus those R4 tickets were not ideal options, and you had to pay for your luggage! Just a scam and now I keep getting these FlySafair tags everytime I open the internet, very irritated!

Was it necessary to have booked the flight online before in order to be selected?


I need another airline to undo the hurt from @FlySafair 😣

We have been bamboozled!

they must explain.

@FlySafair we want proof of the 30k tickets that were purchased. Because wow I see scam written all over this. #FlySafairR4Sale