Professor Tahir Pillay.

Pretoria –

A University of Pretoria professor has developed the first interactive textbook from South Africa, to be used by students at higher education institutions.

The Practical Clinical Chemistry: core concepts chemistry by Professor Tahir Pillay, head of the department of chemical pathology and the clinical pathology programme at the University of Pretoria, was published in 51 countries from December.

Pillay used the iBooks Author platform from Apple to develop the book.

“I had to do everything myself. I had to source all the material and sort out the packaging.

“In many ways, this is a four-dimensional medium compared to the conventional two-dimensional textbook.

"One can embed dynamic material such as videos, animated presentations, 3D objects and photo galleries allowing a richer two-way interaction of the student with the material via the touch screen interface.”

Pillay said the chemical pathology digital book makes it easier and cost-effective to update.

“One can update a book, for example, on an annual or more frequent basis and the updated version will be immediately available to users devices via the internet or the local network.”

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