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INTERNATIONAL - Samsung Electronics has revealed its earnings for quarter two and it shows that there has been a 0.7% decline in sales.

The company just released earnings guidance of 14.8 trillion won (R180 036 728 841.47), operating profit of 58 trillion won (R705 549 342 757.12) in revenue for Q2.

These numbers represent a 0.7% decline in sales and an 11% increase in profit year on year.

 Last quarter, however, Samsung made 15.64 trillion won (R190 255 029 667.61) in profit from revenue of 60.56 trillion won (R736 690 830 989.16), which was seen as the company's strongest results ever.

According to analysts that spoke to the  Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal, poor sales of the Galaxy S9 have weighed on Samsung’s bottom line in the second quarter.

The device has reportedly sold the lowest amount of units compared to any flagship Samsung phone since the Galaxy S3, with expected shipments of 31 million units this year.

 The 2016 Galaxy S7 is said to have been Samsung’s biggest hit, selling about 50 million units.

Shares fell as much as 2% in morning trade in Seoul. The stock has declined more than 11% this year after trading near record highs in 2017.

In other Samsung news, The United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Samsung with a patent for a biometric camera for use in iris scanning and facial recognition.

According to a report by Android Headlines, It will also serve as a front-facing “selfie” camera. 

Samsung noted that it may use the technology in smartphones, televisions, notebooks, or desktop computers.

Other optional features Samsung said it may build into the module include night vision, proximity sensing, 3D time-of-flight detection, structured light for 3D sensing, and eye tracking.

The report stated that Samsung’s patent revealed some of the company’s thinking around tackling problems with biometrics like iris scanning and facial recognition.

Samsung said the smartphone might flash near-infra-red light when capturing an image to handle low-light scenarios. It could also include an extended depth of field lens to capture an image at close range without it resulting in a blurry picture.

Ambient light may be filtered out using a bandpass system, and Samsung said it could include a processor to handle videos of an iris from the sensor.

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