Screen grab of PriceCheck.

CAPE TOWN - PriceCheck, the service you use for price comparison, has relaunched with a new look, easy to use functionality and new features. 

“This is not just a reskin of an old website, the new PriceCheck service has been built from the ground up, giving shoppers the ultimate comparison and buying experience", the company said in a statement. 

Screen grab of PriceCheck.

The company added that the new website has enhanced and simplified navigation that encourages consumers to spend more time on the site, enabling more informed buying decisions from a range of shops. 

"The new service has been designed to be modern and user-friendly, while at the same time enabling transactional e-commerce and the site is also optimised for mobile", the company said. 

The company has also promised high quality images of the products on the site. 

Screen grab of PriceCheck.

These are the new features: 

1. Themed product pages: Shoppers who need goods for a specific type of event or occasion will be able to browse the specially themed pages. 

2. Side-by-side product comparison:  Compare like-for-like products side-by-side. Evaluate price points, specifications and sellers.

3. Multi-shop orders:  PriceCheck has made it easy to shop from multiple shops in a single transaction.

4. Detailed product descriptions: Shoppers are given an in-depth description of each product so that they are well armed to make informed purchasing decisions.

“PriceCheck has been around for 12 years. To keep pace with the rapid evolution of local e-commerce we’ve regularly improved the PriceCheck user experience,” said PriceCheck CEO, Kevin Tucker.

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