18/05/09. More and more school children are using the internet. Picture: Damaris Helwig

London - “Sex” and “porn” are among the top five search terms for children under 18.

Only 37 percent of families in the UK have set up any sort of parental controls on their teenagers’ computers.

British teenagers spend an average of 87 hours a year looking at pornography online - or one hour, 40 minutes a week.

A third of British teens say they learned about sex from looking at internet porn rather than sex education classes or talking to their parents.

The global internet porn industry is worth £60-billion a year.

According to Google statistics, more than 755million pages on the web have sexual content. Seventy percent of all porn traffic occurs during the 9-5 working day.

Around 11,000 pornographic films are made each year in the US - ten times more than mainstream Hollywood movies - with most for internet use.

Pornography is viewed by 35.9 percent of UK Internet users. Broken down by gender, 44.3 percent of all men and 23.4 per-cent of all women who used the internet looked at adult material.

The second most expensive website name in internet history is sex.com - which cost $13 million. - Daily Mail