The first thing you should do is take a quick look at what's eating up the phone's space.

So what were South Africans searching for in Google while they were supposed to be working in 2012?

Google has announced its annual Zeitgeist, a look at 2012 through the collective eyes of the world on the web.

Topping the list for overall trending South African searches in 2012 is free classifieds site OLXs. Singer Whitney Houston, who passed away in February this year, claims second place on the South African list.

Hurricane Sandy, which devastated portions of the US, the Caribbean and the Mid-Atlantic in October this year, came in third.


2012 was perhaps the year of discovering love in South Africa with users asking ‘how to kiss’ and ‘what is love?’.

And unexpected hobbies seem to be making a come-back, with ‘how to hack’, ‘how to crochet’ and ‘how to knit’ also making it into the Top Ten ‘how to’s’.

In terms of tech trends, the iPad 3 captured South Africa’s imagination, coming in 10th overall, and grabbing first place on the Top Gadgets list.

In addition to showcasing what people were curious about in South Africa, Google Zeitgeist tools also offer insight into which topics captured the world’s attention in 2012. Top search terms from over fifty countries appear on


Here are the lists:


South Africa Overall Trending Searches


Whitney Houston

Hurricane Sandy

Gangnam Style


Velvet Sky

Caster Semenya

Diablo 3

Khanyi Mbau

iPad 3


South Africa trending: People

whitney houston

caster semenya

khanyi mbau

chad le clos

usain bolt

lance armstrong

felix baumgartner

brown dash

april jones

michael clarke duncan


South Africa trending: Sports People

caster semenya

chad le clos

usain bolt

lance armstrong

felix baumgartner

corrie sanders

thomas madigage

robin van persie

michael phelps

john cena


South Africa trending: Sports Events

olympics 2012

euro 2012

paralymics 2012

wimbledon 2012

cricket live scores

fifa 13

dakar 2012

durban july 2012

super rugby 2012

uefa euro 2012


South Africa trending: Events

hurricane sandy

euro 2012

olympics 2012

velvet sky

whitney houston funeral

mothers day 2012

paralympics 2012

american idol 2012

wimbledon 2012

linkin park


South Africa overall trending: How to...

how to kiss

how to draw

how to love

how to study

how to meditate

how to hack

how to pray

how to crochet

how to knit

how to flirt


South Africa trending: What is…?

what is love

what is poverty

what is illuminati

what is cancer

what is hiv

what is technology

what is pollution

what is tourism

what is stress

what is heritage


South Africa trending: What is…? Health

what is cancer

what is hiv

what is stress

what is aids

what is tb

what is diabetes

what is obesity

what is lupus

what is cholera

what is ovulation


South Africa top trending: TV series

American Idol 2012

Terra Nova



X factor

Revenge Season 2


Celebrity Apprentice

Survivor Samoa

Masterchef South Africa


South Africa trending: Images

Lady Gaga

Funny Pictures

Nicki Minaj

Wedding Dresses

Happy Birthday

One Direction

Justin Bieber

Riaan Cruywagen


Selena Gomez


South Africa trending: Gadgets and phones

ipad 3

samsung galaxy s3

samsung galaxy s2

ipad mini

nokia n9

iphone 4s

nokia lumia

blackberry 9360

galaxy s3

blackberry 9320


South Africa Top Trending: Vehicles

Toyota 86

Toyota Etios

Kia rio

Kia Optima

Nissan Juke

Golf7 GTI


Mercedes Benz

Toyota 86 Specs

New Audi A3


* What is Google’s Year-End Zeitgeist? “Zeitgeist” means “the spirit of the times.” At the end of each year, Google celebrates this spirit by revisiting the year's top searches around the world.