Pretoria - Here’s a “wow” service story to warm our festive hearts…

Raisha Singh wrote to Consumer Watch to share an experience she had at Sevruga restaurant in Gateway shopping centre, Umhlanga, last Wednesday.

During her company’s Christmas lunch, a colleague handed her cellphone, adaptor and charger to the waiter, and asked for it to be charged in their office.

But two hours later, as the party were preparing to leave, an awful discovery was made.

“Her phone had been stolen,” Raisha said.

“The manager said they would contact me about this later, as I had planned the event.

“The next day, she told me they would replace the phone with a new one, and give her a R2 000 voucher from the restaurant.

“In this day in age, that type of generosity is rare,” Raisha said. “We are thrilled by such great service and compassion!”

Taking responsibility for the loss was the right thing, and possibly the legal thing to do, but the generous voucher, and the speed with which the issue was resolved, supplied the wow factor.

Nice one! - Pretoria News