London - The Ten Best Olympic apps

1. HotelTonight

Free, iOS and Android

If you have tickets for an event, chances are you'll have booked a hotel. But if not, you can use this new app to find discounted, last-minute rooms across the Olympic cities.

2. Travel+ London

Free, Android

Londoners have all been told 1,000 times: public transport is going to be like a ring of hell. So if you are coming down for the Games or live in the capital, plan your journey with this app.

3. BBC Olympics

Free, iOS and Android 4

Auntie has come through with the most comprehensive new Olympic app around. There are 24 live-streaming event channels and minute-by-minute commentary.

4. iPlayer app

Free, iOS and Android

Everyone's favourite playback service comes to your tablet or phone. The upshot is that you can watch playbacks of past events as you are waiting to see current ones. Brilliant.

5. London Parks and Gardens

£1.49, iOS

Fed up with the 2012 crowds? Or maybe you have a couple of hours to spare in between watching the events. Find your closest park or garden to sit down and relax.

6. London 2012 Join In

Free, iOS and Android

This is much clearer than the official website. It lets you search for the sport you are going to see by name or category, giving you the location and time.It also tells you about local Olympic events.

7. Olympic Calendar

Free, Android

Not sure when the long jump is? Lost when it comes to the time of the fencing? This app, whose strength is its simplicity, chronologically lists all the Olympic events.

8. Toilet Map

99p, iOS and Android

Mock not this app. If you are in London - along with all of the several hundred thousands of others arriving for the Games - and get caught short, you'll want this in your pocket.

9. Tom Daley Dive 2012

Free, iOS

Gamers who would like to get in on the action can enjoy this diving game. Users take on the role of Britain's medal hope, Tom Daley, with the aim being to unlock ever-higher diving boards.

10. Tube Map

Free, iOS

While minute-by-minute travel news is important to have, if you are stuck underground and need to plan a new route to get to your event, it's essential to have your own Tube map to hand. - The Independent