For research has shown that the bedside digital alarm clock is the gadget we are most likely to hang on to for the longest.

London - Tablet computers, smartphones and flatscreen TVs may feature high on Christmas wish lists this year – but they won’t necessarily stand the test of time.

For research has shown that the bedside digital alarm clock is the gadget we are most likely to hang on to for the longest.

With its brightly glowing numbers and basic push-button functions, it is hardly the most high-tech gadget in our homes.

But it is the one we are most reluctant to part with.

The top ten longest-lasting gadgets still in use also includes toasted sandwich makers, calculators and electric carving knives.

And even in this digital age, there are still millions of homes who have kept and still regularly use their old video cassette recorders and record players.

Although many of us are reluctant to part with our old devices, they are not the most loved gizmos we own, according to a poll for the Gadget Show Live Christmas event.

Smartphones and broadband were named as the things that modern Britons say they cannot live without.

Gadget Show Live Christmas, which takes place in London from November 30 to December 2, surveyed 1,000 consumers about their favourite technology.

Asked about the gadgets that had been in their home the longest, the digital alarm clock, toasted sandwich makers and pocket calculators came out on top. They were followed by the original Nintendo Game Boy, electric carving knives, pop-up toasters and bread makers.

And in a nod to times gone by, the list is completed by the digital watch, VCR and record player.

Asked about the gadgets they can’t live without, the smartphone and broadband is followed by the colour television, laptop, tablet computer and games console.

But one company came out a clear winner when it came to the gadgets that are most loved by the nation.

Apple won the accolade for the favourite gadget of all time with its iPhone 5, followed by the iPad in second place. The iPod was in fifth place behind the TV and personal computer.

Among celebrities, the choice varied too.

Comedian Marcus Brigstocke named the television as his favourite gadget of all time and Autumwatch presenter Chris Packham named a Spypoint HD-10 camera.

Gadget Show presenter Pollyanna Woodward said: “Too often we think of ‘gadgets’ as being faddish and temporary, yet this list proves that the very best gadgets stand the test of time.

“It will be interesting to see how many of today’s essential must- have gadgets will be with us in to 20 or 30 years time.” - Daily Mail