Wesley Diphoko.

CAPE TOWN - Yesterday, Wesley Diphoko announced the evolution of his business column into a fully fledged media platform. 

Speaking at an event designed to introduce the platform as well as the new book by Nic Harry. 

Wesley indicated that there’s a gap in the startup ecosystem for in depth insights about the tech ecosystem in South Africa. 

The Infonomist will now become a fully fledged media platform that will initially focus on the tech startup ecosystem. 

The platform will be data driven and reporting will be based on data that will be transformed into useful information. 

The Infonomist will strive to be a source of information about the tech startup ecosystem. 

Diphoko added “we don’t want to report on what happened, we want to explain why it happened and provide insights for better decision making for investors and researchers”.

The Infonomist will have its headquarters at LaunchLab, a Stellenbosch University technology accelerator. 

The media platform seeks to become the champion of the tech startup ecosystem in South Africa. 

As part of its launch, it hosted the book launch of Nic Harry, one of SA’s most celebrated entrepreneurs. 

The launch was hosted at Rise Cape Town, an Absa innovation programme in the Western Cape.

The Infonomist will now be accessible on the following web address: www.theinfonomist.com and on Business Report.