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CAPE TOWN - NetMarketShare, a web analytics company that collects data on usage shares of different platforms has released their latest report on usage share for web browsers on mobile and PC. 

What is the usage share of web browsers?

The usage share of web browsers is the percentage, of visitors to a group of websites that use a particular web browser. According to the report from NetMarketShare, Google Chrome remains the most popular Internet browser for Mobile and PC for May 2018.

Chrome posted 60% market share across both platforms. Safari is the main competitor to Chrome on mobile, with a market share of 26.73%, but falls far behind Chrome’s mobile market share of 63.63%.

Internet Explorer is just ahead of Firefox for second place on the desktop, with less than 2% separating the browsers. Last year around the same time May 2017, Chrome still led its competition with a market share of 58.68%.

Additionally, last year Safari held the second place with a market share of 13.78%. 

Here are top 10 PC browsers:

Desktop Browser Share %
Chrome 62.85%
Internet Explorer 11.82%
Firefox 9.92%
Microsoft Edge 4.26%
Safari 3.71%
QQ 1.67%
Sogou Explorer 1.55%
Opera 1.47%
UC Browser 0.75%
Yandex 0.58%

Here are your top 10 mobile browsers: