File image: An iPhone held horizontally in a person's hands. (Independent UK).

CAPE TOWN - Decreasing the data usage on an iPhone is something that most iPhone users will find helpful. 

Take a look at some tricks on how to save data on your Apple device. 


1. Turn off cellular data for iCloud

Open settings then select iCloud twice. 

Scroll to the bottom and disable “use cellular data”.

2. Disable automatic downloads on cellular data

Go to settings then select Apps and iTunes stores.

In this section, locate “use cellular data” and disable it.

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3.Disable WiFi-assist

Go to settings then select cellular.

Scroll to the bottom to: WiFi assist and slide the toggle left to turn it off.

4.Disable certain apps

Go to settings, then cellular. You will be given a list of applications that use cellular data and you can slide the toggle to turn cellular data off for specific apps. 

5. Disable background app refresh

Go to settings, then general and locate background app refresh. 

Slide the toggle next to "background app refresh" to turn it off. 

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