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CAPE TOWN - It is a common mistake amongst smartphone users not to take care of the battery or to overcharge their devices leading to a swelled-up battery. 

If you're lucky, your phone may have safety measures built in. 

If the battery starts to overheat, your phone might turn off some features the camera flashand limit processing power until things return to normal.

However, it’s still possible for your smartphone to get hot.

Repair King cellular, a smartphone solutions company in Cape Town specialises in all sorts of repairs for all devices. 

Here a tips that they gave us, that you can use to take btter care of your device. 

Here are a few tips: 

   1. Avoid direct sunlight to your phone

While leaving it easily accessible may be better for you, it is terrible for your phone. Your phone catches light and heat from the sun and retains it, getting hotter the longer you remain in the sun. Avoiding direct sunlight and heat is the easiest way to prevent overheating your phone.

   2. Turn off unused apps on your phone 

Allowing apps you’re not using to run in the background runs battery and increases the heat on your phone. 

On an iPhone for example, all you have to do is simply press your home button twice and swipe the apps away. Closing these down not only saves battery but also decreases how hard your phone works, which in turn decreases heat.

   3. Don’t turn your brightness up, buy a glare screen. 

Just the same as running background apps, turning your brightness up will affect battery, forcing it to work harder. Instead of turning your brightness up, buy a glare screen. You’ll be able to use your phone in the sun no matter how bright it is.

   4. This one is simple, if you’re not using your phone, turn it to airplane mode or turn it off.

 Putting it in airplane mode will allow you to keep time and play music, but that will be it. These two options make it easier to save your battery and prevent it from heating up.

   5. If your phone is already overheating, take your case off. 

If your phone is hot, your case traps the heat. Taking the case off will allow the phone’s heat vents to do their job fully without being blocked. This will help your phone cool down quicker.

Additionally, The company also shared tips on things you can do to extnded your battery life: 

1. Try and avoid overnight Charging and if you, have to charge overnight plug in and then switch off your phone because your apps like Facebook, whatsapp and other apps are still very active at night. This cause an overcharging issue and and shortages the lifespan of your battery.

2. Also try too get your battery as low as possible before charging it. Because the battery has three cells inside it. The thing that most people do is just charge the last two cells all the time because it get too, 40% or 50% and the charge the battery. causing the lifespan of the battery to decrease.

3. Avoid using incorrect power bank on your phone do the correct research on your phone as well the power bank you are about to use.Make sure the mAh of phone and the power bank mach as close as possible not to cause long term damage as charge point failures or even battery failures. 

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