Twitter is doing research on how to better the platform. Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - Twitter has announced that will try to more actively measure and combat bad behaviour on their site according to the Verge.

Last month the social networking site announced that they were asking for help to combat the problems of misinformation, bots, and far-right users.

The social networking service admitted that they were not able to solve the issues on their own which is why they were asking for help.

Now that they have sought help, according to the Verge a straightforward idea to combat the issues would be to make the rules of conduct more visible on the social network.

The CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey tweeted that the social network has partnered with an external team to run a test. The external team is being led by researchers Susan Benesch and J. Nathan Matias. Dorsey also said in his tweet that the research that was being done was to reduce abuse on Twitter.

The researchers said in a statement that research shows that when institutions publish rules clearly, there are better chances of people following the rules.

The precise mechanism of the test is not clear. According to the researchers, they cannot describe in detail the mechanism without putting the integrity of the results in danger.

The researchers have said that they have gotten approval from two university ethics committee and they have filed the framework of the plan with a neutral third party. The researchers will only work with anonymised data.

Twitter disclosed their plans to improve the site after a downpour of criticism, as users complained about problems like harassment and misinformation.

On the Twitter blog, the company defended their moderation method after hoaxers tried to spread lies on Twitter about the shooting at the Youtube headquarters.

According to the researchers, the final results of the new test will be published in an academic journal.