South African universities head into their first month of 2019 and students begin a new chapter in their lives and the cost of education continues to impact them. File Image: Cell C

DURBAN - As South African universities head into their first month of 2019 and students begin a new chapter in their lives the high cost of education continues to have an impact. 

While students have always struggled to afford basic necessities, today’s crop face more costs on top of food, accommodation and set works. Internet access, technology and communication now play a key role in students’ day-to-day activities and learning.  In fact, these are at the heart of their studies as they are groomed for entry into a digital workforce.

“Students need data at affordable prices to help them obtain the information they need to carry out their assignments and projects.  Their tertiary life will be made easier by having all of their connectivity needs in one place at one price,” said Cell C’s Chief Commercial Officer, Junaid Munshi.

“Cell C understands the necessity of internet access and communication for students and has developed a product that packages all their needs into one affordable product, making their life much easier.”

MediaPlay converges connectivity, communication and entertainment usage into one monthly bill so customers don’t have to worry about multiple debit orders or additional bank fees going out of their bank accounts. Another fantastic benefit is that customers can choose a plan that suits their budget: MediaPlay Fibre, MediaPlay LTE or MediaPlay Mobile.

MediaPlay gives customers access to:

1. Voice and SMS
2. Data
3. A subscription to entertainment platform black with free streaming.

This package saves customers time and money. It’s a concept that has become a global trend, but South Africa has been slow in localising it.

“Cell C decided to introduce it because it’s beneficial to all mobile users.  Now customers and especially students don’t have to deal with various bills,” said Munshi.

“It’s that easy. Students can now concentrate on their studies knowing they have access to the technology they need to develop as experts. One day these same students are going to use their skills and expertise to help build and sustain the country.”