Crysis 3

Crysis 3

Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Publisher: EA

Rating out of 5: ***

Crysis, a franchise as famous for its cutting-edge graphical engine as its first-person shooter credentials, makes a return, as players once more don the Nanosuit of returning protagonist, Prophet.

With the multifunctional suit turned up to max from the get-go - so offering the familiar cloaking, armour and scanning modes - it falls to the freshly introduced bow to breathe fresh life into familiar proceedings.

The bow accomplishes this successfully, at least in part, with various arrow types injecting variety into combat.

But, in a similar vein to the overgrown New York “2.0” you soon find yourself in - the same setting as in Crysis 2 - it's tough to shake the feeling that you've seen this all before.

It looks good, the action is solid enough, but ultimately Crysis 3 holds little new - and feels like a stop-gap while the next generation of console gaming is ushered in, so catching up with Crytek's tech. - The Independent