Resident Evil 6

Platform: PS3

Developer: Capcom

Rating out of five: ***

The storyline rhythm is a big part of Resident Evil's heritage, but here the focus has overwhelmingly shifted: “survival horror” is now non-stop action all the way.

The days of creeping through darkened rooms with with your insides clenched are over. Resi 6 is what you call a run-and-gunner, moving forwards while blasting through crowds of biohazards.

One of Resi 6's advantages is that its shooting packs a meatier punch with guns blasting heavy recoil and each shot accompanied by a deafening crack. It also doesn't hurt that the common enemies, whether zombies or the humanoid J-Avo, are often sent backflipping by the sheer force of your chosen weapons.

With a storyline taking over 20 hours of gameplay time and plenty of depths to plumb in mercenaries, Resident Evil 6 is not short on content.

So put on a pair of headphones or crank up your surround sound and be prepared to blow your mind. - IOL