Telkom said in November that such a move would give both operators larger voice and data capacity at a lower price and that it hoped to conclude the proposal within this financial year which ends on March 31. Photo: Leon Nicholas

The internet in SA will be getting a much-needed speed boost in August when Telkom rolls out its broadband upgrades.

The move will see subscribers having their lines reach up to double or even triple the speeds they had before. Telkom says it won’t cost consumers an extra cent.

Manelisa Mavuso, Telkom’s managing director, said Telkom was now in a good position to deliver services that would allow customers to “run multiple bandwidth-hungry applications simultaneously and at faster speeds”.

The entry-level 384kbps line, the current standard among broadband users, will be upgraded to 1mbps (which is almost triple the original line speed), while pricier 1mbps option will double up to 2mbps. Users will notice a significant improvement when downloading or streaming videos.

The announcement comes off the back of the successful completion of the Western African Cable System (Wacs) which has brought extra capacity and stability to SA’s broadband network.

The line speed upgrades will begin on August 1 and are expected to be completed by the end of that month. - Cape Argus