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CAPE TOWN - Recently, Gmail has surpassed 1 billion active users and research has shown that more than 270 billion emails are sent each day. 

Google has introduced Gmail Go, a smaller version of the original counterpart. The Gmail Go app helps those who would like to save money on cellular data prices and is meant for people who live in areas that don't have great internet connectivity. 

So since Gmail is available to everyone, here are a few tips to help you utilise the app better:


1. How to enable and disable tabs 

Gmail has tabs such as Primary, Social, and Promotion  and these tabs organises your emails for you automatically.

 If you want to customise these tabs just click the gear icon in the upper-right corner and choose Configure inbox from the drop-down menu.

 This will allows you to add new tabs, such as Updates and Forums, or remove any tabs that you don’t like or want. 

2. Save time on replies and use Smart Reply 

 A feature called Smart Reply can be found on the mobile version of Gmail. 

 It uses Google’s AI tech to automatically create a few quick responses that you can immediately send.

 These range of responses created depending on your email behaviour such as a “thanks!” to more complex questions based on the email you are responding to. 

This featur eonly helps with simple responses and it can help you save a lot of time. 

3. Send and Archive at the same time 

This tip is meant for users who receive large amounts of emails and want organise their inbox. 

First you need to go to the Send and Archive section which is found under Settings. 

Check the box indicating “Send & Archive” button in reply. 

This adds a new button when you’re replying to an email. 

Clicking it will allow you to send your response and automatically archive the email, which in turn will remove it from your inbox.

4. You can take back an regrettable email

Whenever you send an email in Gmail, you’ll be shown  a yellow box that will indicate that an email was sent.

 If you catch it fast enough, you can actually cancel the email while it’s in the process of being sent.  

If it has already been sent, this option turns in Undo Send, which allows you to correct your mistake with a couple clicks. 

If you don’t see the feature, Select Settings and check the box beside Enable Undo Send in the Undo Send section. 

Additionally,  you can also set a second cancellation period of  5, 10, 20 seconds. 

5. Save space on Gmail by using Google Drive 

If you can’t fit a file on an email or prefer not mess around with attachments, use Google Drive instead. 

Every Compose option has a Drive icon, which allows you to attach Drive files from within your browser. 

Drive also shares files that are not stored on the device you’re using. 

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