File Image: Reuters

CAPE TOWN - BlackBerry has partnered an Indian manufacturing company called  Optiemus to produce a new Evolve line of smartphones.

The names of the new devices are the BlackBerry Evolve and the BlackBerry Evolve X. 

Both phones share tall screens with 18:9 aspect ratios and both also have massive batteries.

 The Evolve line will ship running Android 8.1 Oreo operating system. 

The Evolve line won’t have a physical QWERTY keyboard which the company added to its Key 2 device. 

 For security, both phones offer fingerprint sensors on the back, along with a face-unlock feature. 

Both phones also feature 4000 mAh batteries that can be charged via USB-C, and are compatible with wireless charging.

The Evolve will be available exclusively through Amazon India towards the end of August for about $365, while the beefier Evolve X will be offered mid-September for about $510 (R6842.62). 

Users get an extra 2GB of RAM, for 6GB in total, over the standard Evolve’s 4GB. 

Both come with optional cashback offers from different Indian carriers and banks. 

Right now, Optiemus has not been confirmed availability beyond India anytime in the near future.