The drone features a “self-heating” battery that DJI says will allow it to fly in colder weather and has 24GB of onboard storage. Photo: Supplied.

CAPE TOWN – Chinese drone-maker DJI  just announced the Mavic 2 Enterprise that the company claims is better suited for tasks like inspection or search and rescue.

"It is a portable drone with uniquely powerful features designed for businesses, governments, educators and other professionals who want a reliable everyday tool that helps them do their work better", said DJI in a statement. 

Mavic 2 Enterprise comes with three different accessories. There’s a 2,400-lumen spotlight, a 100-decibel speaker, and a flashing strobe. 

The loudspeaker allows operators to remotely blast up to 10 custom recordings, and the strobe is visible from three miles away.

The drone features a “self-heating” battery that DJI says will allow it to fly in colder weather and has 24GB of onboard storage.

DJI’s also built in extra security by password-protecting the drone. When enabled, the feature forces users to punch in a code any time they activate the drone, connect the controller, or access the onboard storage.

A new GPS timestamping feature encodes the time, date, and location of every recorded image, aiding in pilot accountability and ensuring that data captured by the drone can be trusted and used in situations from reviewing critical infrastructure inspections to potential legal proceedings.

The device has a31-minute flight time, it shoots 4K footage at up to 100 megabits per second and has 2x optical zoom. 

The drone also has autonomous flight modes and obstacle avoidance due to a suite of sensors and cameras embedded around the airframe.

''With the Mavic 2 Enterprise, DJI has created a drone that makes powerful technology accessible to every enterprise and revolutionizes how they do their work,” said DJI President Roger Luo. 

“Mavic 2 Enterprise is the world’s most capable commercial drone, purpose-built to serve the operational needs of our industry partners as well as companies that are just now preparing to embrace the benefits of drone technology. DJI’s hardware and software set the standard for aerial innovation around the globe, and Mavic 2 Enterprise is the most compact, powerful, reliable and safe tool to help professionals integrate drones into their operations.”