Facebook's Messenger Kids adds a new sleep mode feature. Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - Facebook's Messenger Kids will be getting sleep mode feature to allow parents more control over the amount of time that a child spends using the app.

The new sleep mode feature lets parents set predetermined times when the app cannot be used on their child's device. The sleep mode can be accessed from the parental control panel. Parents can choose from the weekdays or weekends options and then select the sleep mode's start time and stop time.

When the sleep mode is on, kids will not be able to get notifications, they cannot use the app's camera and they won't be able to send and receive messages. If the child tries to open the app, they will get a message saying that it is in sleep mode and that they should try again later.

According to the Facebook News Blog, parents whose kids use the app said that they would like controls that would make the app inaccessible during certain times like homework time or dinner time.

This new sleep mode feature is in response to the feedback that they received. The Facebook News Blog said that they took the feedback to heart and built a feature that gives that level of control to parents.

Besides the app's sleep mode, parents can also add and remove contacts, delete the child's account or create a new account.

The legal age to register for Facebook is 13. Messenger Kids was created for those who do not meet the registration legal age.

Registration for the app only requires the name and last name of the child. Parents have control of the app and can approve contacts on the app.The app does not feature advertising which means that no data will be collected for advertising purposes and there are no in-app purchases.