Picture: Emoji Scavenger Hunt. (Screengrab).

CAPE TOWN - Google unveiled a new augmented reality game emoji game which takes you on a scavenger hunt in real time. 

Google unveiled its emoji scavenger hunt game as an experiment which makes use of neutral networks and an android phone camera which identifies the real-life emojis that individuals use every day. The game uses machine learning technology. 

The browser-based game sends you on an emoji scavenger hunt in real time. You will be presented with a timer and challenges people to find the real world emojis that they use every day. 

How it works:

The game shows you an emoji. You then use your phone’s camera to find the emoji before the timer runs out. When you find an emoji in time, you are then transferred to the next round. While users are searching for their emoji, the machine learning technology then sending voice commentary on what it sees. 

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