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CAPE TOWN - Google is reportedly planning to give Gmail a fresh new look by working on a new design for Gmail’s interface.

The new design will not only change the look of Gmail but it will also reportedly come with several new features, according to the Verge.

The new features will include an automated reply for emails, Smart Reply, a snooze email function as well as offline support. 

All of these new features including Gmail's new interface will be accessible for G Suite customers and personal Gmail account holders. 

Although no release date has been set as yet, the new features are expected in coming weeks. Google has meanwhile kept mum about the new features, requesting for a bit more time to compose themselves before they share anything. 

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Meanwhile, in February this year, Google introduced a new app, Gmail Go. The Go series is part of Google’s plan to have their products more available in developing countries.

The app is essentially aimed at users who do not have access to fast internet speed or high phone storage. The app takes up less space on your phone and uses less data. 

What does the app offer: 

Gmail Go will still allow you to have support for multiple accounts.

The app will also automatically filter social and promotional emails while prioritizing emails from friends and family.

It will also allow access to 15GB free storage. 

The app will allow users to read and respond both online and offline.

However, certain features may be missing such as images that won't load automatically so that it can use less ROM and RAM.

Gmail Go is available now and joins other Google Go apps like YouTube, Files and Chrome Go.

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